The 5 Best Lip Trends for Fall

You don’t have to wait for the weather to turn crisp to start adding a little fall spice to your makeup. After all, trying out new shades and looks is the fun part of the change of seasons.

While autumn has traditionally been about taking your makeup a little richer and darker, there’s a more playful, experimental vibe this season—no doubt due to beauty influencers having a huge impact on defining the trends.

Instead of the predictable fall palette, this season’s makeup is all about colors and textures that capture a mood, and the newest lip looks make it so easy and effortless to switch things up. Here are five of our favorites to start swiping on now.

1. Lush Lacquer

Go ahead and double up on gloss because lips this season are drenched in mirror-like shine. This slick vinyl finish makes just about any color you have on underneath—or even a bare mouth—seem especially striking, and the reflective quality accentuates the shape of your lips and helps them appear a little fuller. You can personalize this look with most of your favorite lip colors, though skip it on ultra-dark lipstick, as major shine can make those shades a little too intense. Even a swipe of clear lip gloss when you have on no other makeup gives you a little extra zing.

Our Wonder Blading Supreme Shine Lip Gloss transforms any lip color into a gorgeous, high sheen hue without any sticky or gooey feel.

2. Coral Heat

You may think of coral as more suited to summertime, but the sunset shade is turning up in lots of fall lipstick collections. The orangey-pink hue looks gorgeous with all the camel, gray, navy, and hunter-green clothing we gravitate towards when sweater weather rolls in. A coral lip warms up most complexions and adds a cheerful flush of color to your face.

For autumn, choose a coral that’s warm but not too bright, such as our Wonder Blading Peel & Reveal Lip Stain in Crush. To punch up the look, try lining your lips with a soft brown lip pencil before swiping on your coral shade, then top things off with a swipe of clear gloss.

3. Siren Red

After months of “clean girl makeup,” we’re feeling the bold shades again, and a vibrant, true red—which never goes out of style—is one of fall's hottest lip colors. What makes it so relevant now is its versatility: the shade can be classic, glamorous, or edgy depending on what other makeup you pair it with. For example, dewy skin worn with matte red lips is having a moment, and these contrasting textures give the timeless color a fresh, youthful energy.

Our newest Wonder Blading Peel & Reveal Lip Stain color, Wonderskin x Hayley, created in collaboration with mega beauty and fashion influencer Hayley Bui, is a classic, rich red with slightly cool undertones. It's ideal for all skin tones and the perfect ravishing red for any fall makeup look.

4. 90s Spice

Brown lip color had a major comeback this year, and the 90s-inspired trend continues to dominate through the fall with mouthwatering shades like honey, cocoa, and ginger weaved into many of the latest viral makeup looks.

While the hue may seem intimidating, makeup pros say that because brown is a warm, earthy tone, it tends to be a universally flattering lip color. The trick is to choose a brown that’s not too close to your own skin tone or else it can wash you out. Top makeup artists advise that for dark skin, lean towards lighter brown, coffee, or tan colors; for olive skin, try dark chocolate shades; for light to medium skin, choose a terracotta or burnt red color; and for fair skin, go with taupe-y tones. Our Wonder Blading Peel & Reveal Lip Stain in Lovely is a neutral, chestnut medium brown that flatters most skin tones.

5. Berry Vamp

Let your lips go over to the dark side with one of the season’s ultra-saturated plum, dark wine, deep violet, or eggplant hues. These dramatic colors give you a cool, mystical vibe and can be quite elegant when the rest of your makeup is low-key. Or, you can take the look grunge by pairing it with dark, smudgy eye makeup and matte skin, or go sultry disco queen by adding sparkly eyeshadow, sculpted cheeks, and shimmery highlighter.

What’s refreshing is that super-deep berries, burgundies, and purples usually work across a wide range of skin tones. Cool-toned, blue-based darks such as our Wonder Blading Peel & Reveal Lip Stain in Divine tend to be easier for most people to pull off than ones that skew warmer, but don’t rule out anything until you’ve tried it. And when wearing a vampy shade, be sure to cover up any redness in your skin with concealer or base makeup—otherwise, these rich, cool-based hues can make any visible redness on your face seem even more obvious.