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Then we hand-pick the top beauty experts, skincare pros and cosmetics scientists from our Wonderskin community. And we develop innovation-packed, sublime-feeling superhero formulas that work for you, with you, for #wonderyou

Team WOW

Team WOW is our community of beauty and skincare enthusiasts. Headed up by our in house Beauty Editor, Victoria Kirby, it's a space for people to learn, share and connect. It's all about bringing people close to the heart of how we create our breakthrough beauty products.

As part of Team WOW you'll be first to know about exciting new products, plus extra-special offers and unique beauty opportunities. You'll be able to share your ideas and opinions too (will your insights lead us to our next first-of-kind solution?).

Plus, hear from the experts behind our high-tech-formulas and enjoy exclusive access to our squad of inspirational beauty experts for insider knowledge, updates and tips.

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meet our beauty experts

Victoria Kirby Beauty Editor

Editorial powerhouse Victoria Kirby leads our all-star community of acclaimed female beauty experts. ... A veteran beauty editor who’s worked for Harper’s Bazaar, Allure, Redbook, and, Victoria has been passionately testing, researching, and writing about cosmetics and skincare for over 20 years. With her vast knowledge of the industry and her close ties to the artists and innovators who shape the trends, Victoria has an in-depth understanding of what women want from their products and what influences their choices when they shop for beauty. As part of her role at WONDERSKIN, Victoria brings together top scientists, skincare pros, makeup artists, and beauty influencers to collaborate with us on first-of-a-kind formulas that give women the results they want and an experience with our products that’s unique, meaningful, and speaks directly to their needs. [READ MORE]

Mélanie Inglessis Glow Expert

Renowned celebrity makeup artist Mélanie Inglessis is beloved throughout Hollywood and the fashion industry for bringing her signature lit-from-within glow to every face she touches. ... Stars like Olivia Wilde, Lucy Boynton, Karlie Kloss, and Zoey Deutch flock to Mélanie for her unique ability to make skin look supernaturally luminous and create looks that enhance fresh, healthy beauty. Mélanie believes makeup is a tool to express your own unique style, not transform into someone else, and that it should always be effortless to apply and feel as though you have nothing on. Mélanie’s talent for making women look breathtakingly radiant led her to co-create our breakthrough VERSAGLOW Foundation. Mélanie spent two years collaborating with our team of chemists, scientists, and product developers to design a capsule collection that brings her highly coveted aesthetic to all women in lightweight, easy-to-use formulas that brighten every complexion. [READ MORE]

Renata Helfman Brow Expert

Entrepreneur and makeup artist Renata Helfman helps women undergoing medical treatment face each day with dignity, confidence, and a beautiful smile. ... As the founder of Lipstick Angels, an organization that provides beauty and wellness services to patients with cancer and other chronic illnesses at their hospital bedside, she strives to help women feel good about themselves during some of their most challenging times. A clean beauty enthusiast who spent 15 years doing celebrities’ makeup, Renata was inspired by how during her grandmother’s battle with cancer, she always swiped on bright red lipstick right before chemotherapy. When Renata volunteered at Cedars Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles, she discovered patients’ profound need for physical touch along with beauty and wellness services. She spent a year researching alongside Cedar Sinai’s Epidemiology Department before launching Lipstick Angels in 2012. Since its inception, the charity has served over 16,000 patients and launched programs in eight major U.S. cancer centers, and it continues to expand its reach. Knowing what type of brow solutions best serve patients, Renata lent her expertise to our WONDER BLIDING Brow & Lip Masque, ensureing that it's safe on sensitive skin so that all women can benefit from its long-lasting, incredibly natural-looking results. [READ MORE]

Dr.Shirley Madhère SKIN EXPERT

Dr. Shirley Madhère is changing the way we think about plastic surgery, bringing a holistic, female-led approach to a field long dominated by male ideals. ... With a passion for helping women look and feel their absolute best, the New York City plastic surgeon infuses skincare, nutrition, and wellness therapies into her practice, believing that outer appearance is a reflection of both our physical and emotional health. Dr. Madhère helps women get their minds and bodies into prime condition before surgery not only to optimize their recovery and outcome, but to increase their confidence. As a woman, she knows that when women feel good about their appearance, they become more confident in themselves, which contributes to their personal and professional success. Born in Haiti and raised in New York, Dr. Madhère is trained in both general and plastic surgery, as well as holistic nutrition, and has been in private practice in Manhattan for 16 years. A frequent contributor to media outlets and scientific publications, she’s the founder of Jet Set Beauty Rx, an on-call skin and cosmetic treatment service; Beauty 4 Empowerment, an organization dedicated to creating vocational, educational, and wellness opportunities for underprivileged women worldwide; and the Forever F.A.B. podcast, which discusses fashion, beauty, and wellness. With her dedication to holistic wellness through beauty, Dr. Madhère has a deep appreciation for skincare and serves as the ambassador for the WONDERSKIN It’s A Miracle line of skincare. [READ MORE]

WONDERSKIN Beauty Charter

we believe transparency is critical in today's beauty world. our community deserve to know exactly what we stand for and what we commit to as a business when creating our products.

our beauty charter
is this commitment.

1. We'll bring you breakthrough beauty that works better for you. Using first-of-its-kind breakthrough technology, we create powerhouse beauty solutions that work with you and for you. ... We bring together the world's best scientists, cosmetic chemists, beauty experts and product developers in our Beauty Innovation Lab - all so we can deliver results you'll love from the very first use (and every day after that). [READ MORE]
2. We'll create solutions that are relevant to you. We constantly challenge ourselves to look at exactly what you need to feel more wonderful. ... So we create sublime-feeling formulas that work with you. A foundation which lets you control your glow. An all-day lip that aligns with your own body chemistry. A quick uber-nourishing mask that lets you get on with your day. Our community includes makeup artists, skincare pros, beauty influencers - and you - so keep on telling us what you'd love us to conjure up in our Beauty Innovation Lab... and watch this space! [READ MORE]
3. Let's empower, inspire and uplift. We're a community who believes in lifting up. ... We support each other with ways to feel empowered - and promise to give you solutions that make life easier, put you in control, and help you be your most confident #wonderyou. [READ MORE]
4. We'll always keep it conscious. A commitment to making the safest, most responsible and sustainable products runs through everything we do. ... Our brand packaging is currently 30% sustainable, and we aim to make it 100% by 2025 (or sooner if we can!). We're totally transparent about what's in our formulas, and we never test on animals. Our formulas are free of parabens, sulfates and gluten - and 90% are vegan. [READ MORE]
5. Beauty. Is. Open. Breakthrough beauty is for everyone. ... We create easy-to-use, affordable products and formulas that deliver results you can see every day - and we'll keep on innovating to make feel-good solutions and wonderful skin available to all. [READ MORE]

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