Lip Rehab Serum Oil

An intense lip rehab transformation for dry, patchy lips and uneven color

360 Contour Lip Liner

6 hour full circle approach to lip colour

Wonder Blading Brow Stain & Go Masque

Hyper-stain brows in 60 seconds that last for days

Brow Styler Gel

A universal clear brow styling gel that shapes, lifts and sets with flexible hold- never stiff, sticky or crunchy

1440 Longwear Eyeliner

Less than 2 minutes to apply


Revolutionary all-day lip color

WONDER BLADING Top Gloss - Holographic

3D holographic effect for fuller lips

WONDER BLADING Top Gloss - Blue Glitter

3D intergalactic sparkle for a show stopping look

WONDER BLADING Top Gloss - Clear Shine

High-shine gloss with a soft, non-sticky feel


Mind-blowing length, volume and curl

WONDER BLADING Brow Pomade in a Pencil

Customize your brow look with our two-in-one groomer that delivers the rich color and hold of a pomade with the ease and precision of a pencil

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