LIQUID GYM Facial Roller

Instantly firm, brighten and de-puff with this self-cooling facial workout tool.


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  • Description
  • How to Use
  • Energize your facial muscles and help your skin care penetrate deeper with this dual-ended roller. Improved blood circulation and lymphatic drainage will reveal brighter, firmer skin with each gentle pass of this cooling tool.

    Gently roll on your serum or moisturizer for a fresh, invigorating uplift

    • Reduce puffiness and under-eye circles, as lymphatic fluids are gently drained.
    • Reveal brighter, fresh-looking skin as blood circulation is increased.
    • Stimulated muscles deliver a firmer and more contoured appearance.
    • Soften fine lines and relieve tension as a result relaxing facial massage.
    • Our LIQUID GYM Roller is made from self-cooling, antibacterial and recyclable stainless steel.

    LIQUID GYM. Facial workouts for glowing results

  • Prep: Cleanse your face, and apply your serum or moisturizer with your fingers, using gentle upwards strokes.

    Repeat the following steps five to ten times:

    • 1. Starting on your neck, hold the larger roller against your skin and apply gentle pressure. Sweep from the center of your neck outward.
    • 2. Next, roll from the center of the chin outward and upward along your jawline.
    • 3. Then, follow your cheek contour with the roller, sweeping from nose to ears.
    • 4. Using the small section of the roller, gently glide from the inner corner of your under eye outwards. Roll gently over eyelids and temples.
    • 5. Finally, to your forehead. Start in the center, near the bridge of the nose, and work upward and outward toward your hairline.