3 Best Lip Looks from TikTok to Try Right Now

Hello Beauties,

Once October arrives, autumn energy kicks into full gear. We break out the sweater weather outfits, we crave pumpkin spice everything, and the crisp, cool vibe in the air gets us excited to wear fun new makeup. Changing lip colors is one of the easiest ways to freshen up your look, and thanks to TikTok, there’s no shortage of ideas for new styles and shades. To help inspire you, we chose three of our favorite TikTok lip trends of the moment that we're certain will bring a smile to your face.

1. Movie Lips

If you’re a fan of romantic period films like Pride & Prejudice and Emma, then you know that the heroine usually has gorgeously flushed, softly diffused-color lips that are just begging to be kissed. And if you’ve tried to recreate this effect on your own, you may find it's hard to make it look as natural as it seems on screen—which is why Kat James of Shine Beauty Malibu sparked a viral sensation with her Movie Lips tutorial, in which she lays out a 10-second, foolproof technique to nail this sweet, lush look.

The ah-ha! trick she discovered is not to swipe on your lipstick or tinted balm—instead, gently press a few taps of the color across either your top or bottom lip, but not both. Or, some TikTokers prefer to do a few dabs only in the center of both lips, which also works.

Then, use your fingertip, which warms the formula, to continue pressing the color into your mouth so it melts into a blurred, hazy finish that looks completely natural and kicks up the color of your own lips to that ideal flushed hue. A shimmer-free satin lipstick or tinted balm works best for this trend, as anything that’s glossy or too matte diminishes the realistic finish. To prime your lips first so the color goes on nice and even, try our Wonder Blading 3-in-1 Lip Scrub, which gently smooths and softens the skin.

2. Siren Lips

As you may know, Siren Eyes are having a major moment—in fact, our Wonder Blading collaborator Hayley Bui recently told us it’s one of her favorite looks. So it’s not surprising that content creators have carried this trend over to other features, repurposing an old Hollywood makeup trick into a new trend known as Siren Lips.

Similar to how Siren Eyes involve exaggerating cat-eye makeup to help elongate the look of eyes, Siren Lips are all about using lip liner to create a slight uptick at the outer corners of your lips, which gives the illusion of a sultry smirk—a skill originated by movie stars of the 1940s and ‘50s.

Superstar makeup artist Sir John has been talking up this trend lately and points to Helin Doski’s TikTok tutorial as a great how-to guide. We also like makeup artist Amber Pitkin’s tutorial for a softer, subtler version. All you need is a lip pencil that’s a little darker than your natural lips (you don’t have to go as blatantly dark as Doski does).

Begin by lining your entire mouth, following your natural lip lines everywhere but at the Cupid’s bow, where you can either sharpen it as Pitkin does or diffuse it into more of a curved shape as Doski demonstrates. Next, make a slight smile keeping your mouth closed and, following the natural curve of your bottom lip line, draw the pencil just past the corner of your mouth in an uptick. Use the pencil to connect the uptick to your top lip (Pitkin’s video shows how to do this), then fill in your lips with nude lipstick or gloss. Try our Wonder Blading Peel & Reveal Lip Stain in Whimsical, a rosy nude that’s good for lighter skin tones, or Lovely, a chestnut nude-brown that’s ideal for medium and deep skin tones.

3. Cherub Lips

If there’s one thing makeup has taught us, it’s that anyone who can wield a lip pencil can have fuller-looking lips. The latest method for a pillowy pout has a darlingness to it that pairs well with other sweetheart trends like Doe Eyes and romantic flushed cheeks.

Popularized by makeup artist Ehlie Luna, Cherub Lips have a “doll-like” shape, according to her TikTok tutorial. The look emphasizes playing up your Cupid’s bow to subtly exaggerate its height as well as enhancing the center of your bottom lip line, which together creates the illusion of a more rounded mouth. As Luna explains in her video, rather than over-lining your entire top lip which gives more of a filler-like appearance, Cherub Lips offer more low-key volume.

All you need for this look is your favorite nude or soft pink lipstick or gloss and a lip pencil that’s a similar though slightly deeper color. As Luna illustrates, start by lining your top lip and ignore the natural dip in your Cupid’s bow, instead drawing above the natural line to create extra height. Line the rest of your top lip along your natural lip line, then do the same on your bottom lip line until you get to the center. Once there, draw just below your natural lip line to emphasize a soft, rounded shape. To finish, simply fill in your lips with lipstick (like our Wonder Blading Peel & Reveal Lip Stain) or gloss, and you’re good to go.

Luna wraps up her tutorial by saying, “Aesthetics change too often to commit to them—just use makeup instead.” We couldn’t agree more.