Valentine's Day trends with Wonderskin

Even if your Valentine’s (reads Galentine) Day is just an excuse to have a girl’s night out, what better time to try out this season’s new beauty trends: out with the old, in with the new. 2023 is about statement making – so forget all those elegant neutrals - think all the most punchy, bold hues in the color spectrum: intense berry, vibrant oranges, blackcurrants and even on the brighter side, go for ice lolly pinks and corals or even sky blues.

   There are also plenty of new techniques to utilize your signature makeup bag essentials: light luminous skin, bold lips and sooty, mascara eyes key elements of 2023 beauty trends. Wonderskin has easy to use, versatile products that require minimal effort and maximum impact.

Healthy, ‘natural’ skin is in: 

   As much as a healthy glow never disappears as a trend, 2023 is utilizing the arrival of sophisticated skin glow and primers to give that luminous skin appeal.



   Prime skin with this powerful breakthrough serum before applying makeup or wear it alone. A highly concentrated formula full of beauty’s most advanced actives, including Hyaluronic Acid, Squalane, Vitamin C, Alantonin, plant extracts, green algae extracts makes sure your skin glows all day, as well as stimulates collagen production at night.

2023 is about the ‘Audrey Hepburn’ straight brow:

   This bold, arch-less approach to the brow is typically characterised as the ‘straight brow’ from Hepburn’s role in the 1954 movie, Sabrina. Modern day performers, such as Ariana Grande, have been recreating this fearless brow style recently – this is particularly good for dark hair and big eye types.  ‘Straight brows’ are styled with the tail of the brow lifted up, slightly, to open up the eyes and lift the face, keeping the eyes youthful and fresh.



   Transform eyebrows from the comfort of your home. Go full drama with new patented Liquid Blading Technology, which lets you shape and colour easily for a microblading effect. Delivering ultra-pigment through the innovative brow masque and an activator mist that locks in colour to hyper stain hair and skin for long lasting effect.


   Build colour and density with this point tip pomade pencil.


   2023 is about going all out both eyes and lips – make the most of ice lolly eye shadows with pinky lip tones or more sooty shades to match vampire tone lips. However whatever shades you are working with, the key to balancing out both is through lashings of mascara. Go full old glamour with multiple coats over lashes.



   Whatever lip look you are aiming for, the 2023 hero product is the good ol’ lip liner. Use it to perfect a bold lip but also to stand out on its own when applied in a slightly darker tone to the lipstick.  2023 is all about both velvety matte and glossy lip finishes.

   Vampire Glamour: First apply the outline with lipliner and go for a darker shade if you want extra impact: fill in with ultra-moody hues for vampire glamour style, try burgundy, deep plum, rouge noir.

   Popsicle lips: For those not into the darker shades, this season also spotlights light, ice lolly shades – bright pinks and corals are in vogue but add extra impact paired with lighter eye tones too, such as sky blue. 


WONDER BLADING Peel and Reveal Lip Stain Kit:

   If you want to experiment out of your comfort zone and go with really bold lip shades but are worried about application, smudging or touch ups, Wonderskin’s revolutionary Peel and Reveal Lip stain kit solves all your lipstick concerns.  This award winning, revolutionary high tech vegan formula gives you all day to evening, smudge free lips: the first stage, a pioneering masque delivers ultra pigment with an activator to lock in colour. The second stage, simply peel back to reveal your lip stain colour, with lasting colour and lip hydration all day.  There are a whole spectrum of colours available from romance pink to divine burgundy red.